Strike a Pose with Madiha Shahid- Week 1

When I first heard about the learning project in this course, I got really excited to work on the skill that I have been longing to enhance and that skill is Photography. Since a very small age, I have been passionate about taking pictures and capturing moments but didn’t have the right tool to do so.I still took pictures here and there from my phone and adored them so much. I remember the first camera I got when I was in my 20s and how much I saved to get that because I was soo impassioned about it. I did a lot of research before buying my first Sony Cyber Shot 8.1 MegaPixel camera and loved it to pieces. I enjoyed taking pictures from it and learnt a lot of its features and finally started to get prints of the pictures to make a Photo Book. 

Later on I wanted to invest in a Single Lense Reflex (SLR) camera but instead invested on an Iphone for taking pictures since it was more convenient to handle on a daily basis than a DSLR.  Since then, my interest in taking pictures has grown tremendously because every year I update my Iphone and it comes with new camera features and of course better resolution. I still like the picture quality of SLR better and also want to learn indepth about photograpghy, hence I started to get shots done of my family from a professional photographer on different occasions like anniversaries, Eids and spring/summer shoots. I still think taking pictures from your phone is the fastest and most convenient way to capture the moment and i will be exploring more features on my iphone aswell as on an SLR camera. In order to learn more about photography I plan to watch a free youtube video every week that would teach me about beginner photography tips and tricks, some common mistakes that people would make while taking pictures and some advanced skills about photography.

I will be downloading some mobile applications like Snapseed and Photoshop express Photo editor and will be going through it multiple times a week in order to learn some photography skills. Having these apps on my phone will enable me to learn about the expertise not just on the computer, but anywhere I want to. I also plan on keeping an eye on professional photography classes from all the photographers that I have had photoshoots with, like KrystalKim Photographer and Bethany Allen Photography. Here are some pictures of my family shoots done last year.

4 thoughts on “Strike a Pose with Madiha Shahid- Week 1

  1. I am excited to follow your photography journey as I too am a beginner photographer. Last year I had an open elective and took a beginner photography class and just loved it. What types of topics will you be studying? I found learning about composition to make a big difference in my work and it was also really interesting.
    What is your favourite type of photography?
    I also would like to say your family is absolutely beautiful!


    • Thanks for appreciating my family Amber. I know photgrapghy at a very beginner level and usually take pictures from my iphone but i aim to learn about three major topics in photograpghy in my learning project i.e light, subject and composition. My favourite type of photograpghy is lifestyle shoots because i like to capture real life events or milestones in an artistic way.


  2. Hi Madiha,

    These are such beautiful pictures to look at. I’m excited to see what you will do more towards your learning project. If the beginning is so pretty, then how would the progressed version look like
    Best of luck, buddy!

    Myra Ansari


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