Summary Of Personal Learning

Here is the final post for my EDTC 300. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed the course!

Below is the written script to my video.

Hello, today I will be walking you through my EDTC300 learning journey and my major takeaways from this course. This course has made me comfortable in incorporating technology in the classroom which will  help me in the future courses that I have to take for my teaching degree.

This is me on the 1st week of this course, introducing myself to my classmates on the Padlet platform which is an online post-it board created by my professor to get to know my classmates. Throughout the semester I have learned such valuable tools, tips, tricks which are my assets that will help me in my teaching journey.

One of the major components and the goal of this class was to develop a Professional Learning Network(PLN) by interacting and connecting with various educators on platforms like twitter, creating an e portfolio on wordpress, making contributions to the course community ( and Discord) and making contributions to the learnings of others. 

Twitter and SaskEd Chat

I developed a resourceful twitter feed by following my classmates, tweeting and retweeting useful educational technology related resources, using hashtags, and commenting on my classmates’ tweets. In one of our edtc300 class we designed tweetdeck on twitter and had a twitter chat under the name of #SaskEdchat which was moderated by Dr.K Christopherson. I found SaskEdchat quite beneficial in terms of reading various perspectives on a single topic. 

Blog Posts– Through this course we developed an eportfolio and reflected upon articles and activities that were discussed in the zoom class.Developing an eportfolio was a great learning experience for a beginner blogger like me. From adding menu tabs to adding twitter feeds on my blog my Professor Katia was super helpful in this journey. 

The best and the most exciting part of this course was that I was given an opportunity to document a learning project through which I was able to master the skill I have always wanted to enhance.  I chose Iphone photography to work on and I won’t lie, it was a great experience learning something that I can incorporate both in class and outside my class. All the progress of the Learning Project was documented weekly and was done openly on my blog and my peers were really supportive by actively participating, encouraging and giving me feedback on my posts. Through my learning project I was able to explore various Iphone camera features through which I can take beautiful pictures. I explored  Night mode, Portrait mode, learnt how to adjust brightness on the phone,Macro photography, Panorama mode,Time lapse and Slow motion video.  As much as I was afraid of blogging in the beginning, I kind of got hooked on this and everyday, waking up and checking my blog site was the first thing to do in the morning.  

 Another main goal of this course was to regularly reflect upon course readings , media and presentations. Some of the Assigned Blog Post in this course were as follows:

1.Digital Citizenship– In this topic we talked about the significance of digital citizenship in today’s world and how to be responsible digital citizens, we need to realize that there are risks associated with digital technology like cyber security threats to our data and our identity.Talking in detail about Ribbles Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship and giving examples via a class Jamboard was a great activity and gave me quite a lot of insight on the safe use of technology in the classroom. 

2.Cyber sleuthing This exercise was another eye opener for me to protect my digital identity as well as my students identity in the online world. We spent some time in the classroom and finished an assignment to find out what information is present on the Internet for our peers and basically to be mindful when posting information on social media. 

3.Digital literacy– This was another great topic we discussed in the classroom through which we learnt how to identify fake vs real news on the Internet, tools used to identify fake news and connecting digital literacy with Sask curriculum. 

Reading and Reflections

The Sextortion of Amanda Todd video raised awareness on the topic of Cyber bullying and also made us all aware of the safe usage of social media in and outside our classroom. 

We talked about the SAMR Model of Technology Integration in the classroom which will encourage educators to include technology in the classroom over time and promote digital literacy throughout the process. 

Then we read some articles on fake news and how it can affect students.I found the Ted Talk: One tweet can ruin your life really powerful and an eye opener in terms of how social media can be constructive or destructive for someone. You have to be really mindful when posting, tweeting, and commenting because one little mistake can ruin your digital identity, your reputation both online and offline as well as your fame.

Contribution to the Course Community and Learning of Others.

I contributed to the course community in the form of participation on Discord, tweeting course related articles and resources on twitter, sending my peers words of encouragement on our class blog hub , commenting and supporting their learning projects, asking and replying to questions from my peers when possible. I also contributed to the learning of others by commenting and getting engaged on my own blog posts. 

Final Thoughts

All in all I would like to sum up my experience in this class by saying that I have no intention of halting my PLN here with the end of this course. I have come a long way from what my knowledge was on day 1 versus what i know now. It is the beginning of a new start and I will continue to work on my blog site in the future by adding new resources and information about my pre-service teaching experience with University of Regina.

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